Commercial Solar Roofing in Arizona


We are Arizona’s trusted solar roofing experts. You may be considering a solar roofing system for your business. Our team of experts will customize the best solar solutions for your commercial needs.

Going solar provides long-term benefits for your business. You can never go wrong with a clean source of renewable energy.

The main goal of a commercial solar energy system is to help reduce the cost of your electric bills. Whether you manage multiple or single commercial establishments, energy bill reduction is guaranteed.

Going solar will improve your business image. Whether you own a new business or you would like to improve your brand, going solar will raise community awareness.

Many customers are interested in a company that uses sustainable energy. They will be drawn to your business which results in additional sales and revenue.

Commercial solar roofing installation is also a clear sign that you care for the environment. Your business will have a positive image in the community.

Commercial Solar Roofing in Arizona

Exceptional Commercial Solar Roofing Installation

As trusted solar roofing professionals in Arizona, we have provided energy-saving solutions to both small and large commercial properties. We are committed to providing the best customer experience possible. We work with our clients to ensure an efficient, cost-effective, and exceptional commercial solar roofing project. We strive to provide excellent customer satisfaction and we keep our team updated with the latest solar technology updates and innovation.

Advantages Of Commercial Solar Roofing in Arizona

Whether you own a large or small business, you can take advantage of your commercial roof to install solar panels and generate electricity. Solar energy is the smartest move to reduce the costs of your energy bill and minimize the operating expenses of your business.

Commercial solar roofing panels are a reliable source of clean, renewable energy. Not only are solar panels durable, but they are also maintenance-free. Solar power will reduce your carbon footprint efficiently. A solar energy system is also a great way to ensure your business is still operating during power outages. Since your business is reliant on the electric grid, a simple power outage will interrupt your business.

If you have a solar energy system with battery storage, you will never have to worry about the next power outage. Thanks to continuous technology advancement, solar roofing systems for commercial buildings are very reliable and require little maintenance. Solar panels nowadays are extremely durable and they can last for 25 up to 30 years and this depends on the type of solar panel installed.

They can also withstand extreme weather conditions such as strong winds and hailstorms. You just need to make sure that they are clean from dirt and debris. One of the top benefits of going solar is the Federal Investment Tax Credit or ITC. The rebate is 26 percent of the solar panel cost that will be deducted from your federal income tax. Arizona supports solar power installations.

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Solar Roofing Mounting For Your Commercial Building

Many business owners in Arizona are now considering solar commercial roofing systems because of the financial benefits they can provide to their company. Some commercial building owners are still doubtful if solar panels are a good addition to their property. For instance, not enough space in the roof for solar panel installation.

Due to advanced solar technology and innovation, small or large commercial buildings can use solar roofing panels. We can provide a customized solar solution for any type of commercial roof.

Standard Roof Mounting System

Standard solar panel installation is simply installing solar panels that follow the contour of your roof. This type of installation is excellent for small business owners in Arizona. Standard roof mounts can be used on commercial roofs that have a unique or complex design. This approach is similar to installing residential solar roofing panels.

Flat Roof Mounting System

The most common roofing design of large commercial buildings is flat roofs. Solar roofing installation is much easier for buildings with flat roofs. Single-tilt flat solar roofing is often used for large commercial buildings such as warehouses. Dual-tilt solar roofing is used for buildings with small, flat roofs.

The major differences between single-tilt flat roofing are that they are just facing in one direction, while dual-tilt roofing is facing in both directions. Dual-tilt mounting can maximize energy production. During installation, the solar panels are ballasted using an L-foot for the assembly base. The solar panels are positioned to the best orientation to capture the most sunlight.

The amount of ballast will depend on the roof’s load limit. Penetrations may need to be done to support the extra weight of the solar panels. There are different types of solar roofing mounting systems and this includes aluminum, stainless steel, polymer-based, and plastic-based systems. Polymer-based and plastic-based mounting systems are becoming more popular since they are very easy to install and they are lightweight. They will not compromise the integrity of your roofing system.

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